Private care agency in Sidcup

As an independent private care agency we have plenty of hands-on experience offering a wide range of homecare services to clients. Whilst we are based in Sidcup we also serve the surrounding area including Bexley and Greenwich.

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Established in 2009, we were formed to deliver quality care to people in their homes. Having worked for local authorities and other agencies, we were determined to give the best possible service.

What we do:

We listen to what our clients say and respect their choices

We offer continuity: you will have your own key worker

We are able to be flexible to suit your needs and choices

We work with you and your loved ones to formulate your care package including times

We are committed to always meeting or exceeding our clients’ expectations and we want to ensure you know we deliver quality every day

What we don't do:

We don’t turn up when we can fit you in

We don’t specify an hour minimum time

We don’t send different staff all the time

We don’t arrange your care to suit our staff

We don't send staff that can't speak English

Our philosophy of care

We believe that everyone is entitled to care in their own home and that it must be available, coordinated and provided in a comprehensive way. Our homecare is an important part of the equal opportunity care that we offer.

We make sure that all of our care staff speak English as a first language, as well as understanding the importance of communication to give you the right care.

Our staff are chosen for their skills and provide you with a tailored care plan that is updated regularly to reflect any changes in your needs. You can feel confident that you are safe in our hands, just contact us today to find out more.

Exceeding your expectations

We strive to meet and exceed all of the expectations you have about our care service. We will promote your independence and enable you to achieve the highest quality of life possible. Our approach will always put you and your wellbeing first.

Our service offers:

Equal opportunity care

Trained carers

One-to-one care

Holistic approach

Tailored care plans

English speakers

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